Our Communities


Settled within beautiful neighborhoods in the Broadmoor and near the bluffs open space, the boutique communities of Life Quality Homes provide a secure environment with a personal touch to seniors who suffer from memory impairment caused by Alzheimer’s and other dementia related illnesses.

Loma Linda and Woodburn Homes are located within a half mile from each other in quiet, mature neighborhoods in the Broadmoor set against the majestic backdrop of Cheyenne Mountain with immaculate sidewalks and manicured lawns where residents can enjoy a nice walk around the neighborhood or sit and marvel the beautiful outdoors from the big picture window. Each of these homes has a secure backyard with sprawling lawns and covered patios for our residents to enjoy.



Cheyenne Home
Nestled near Cheyenne Creek in the quaint neighborhood of Cheyenne Canyon, this home features a secure backyard with a manicured lawn, covered patio, and vegetable and flower gardens for residents to enjoy.








Oakridge Home
Conveniently located in the beautiful bluffs found in the heart of Colorado Springs, this home offers a nice covered patio and natural landscaping in a secure backyard for our residents to enjoy.